To Join or Renew AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY , You Must First click HERE and complete the registration form….One Form for Each Member I

Collegiate Rocketry Program Membership – Go To the URRG CRP Page

(See Below For More Detailed Membership Information)


Payment can be made via Paypal  below, or bring your payment to the next launch! 


Additional Membership Information:

If You plan to Certify at a Launch you must bring one of these forms for each Flyer.

NAR Form or Tripoli Form

When you become a member of URRG, you become a part of a family.  We have monthly launches, early spring through late fall, and participate in many educational events.  We encourage our members to actively participate in our club projects, running for office in our annual elections, contributing to our forum, and offering services to the club in their area of expertise. We have many members comprised of men, women, children, professionals, educators, and people from many walks of life.

URRG always strives to keep membership dues as low as possible. Your dues are used to cover club’s costs to provide launches and supply our growing outreach programs. Our largest expenses are the purchase and maintenance of high tech launch equipment, on-site comfort facilities, and our ever growing youth group and outreach programs. Children always fly free at URRG launches. If you as a parent wish to fly your own model (low power) rockets or you wish to attend regularly, we ask you join as a family to help support our club.

Member Benefits..

  • Plenty of high tech launch equipment including:
    15 low to mid power pads, 28 high power pads, 4 “Mega Weasel” pads and 2 hydraulic towers to support rockets using 1/4A though O motors (an Occasional P as well)
  • Fellow club members with years of experience to reach out for advice.
  • Aerotech, Loki and CTI loaner motor hardware for high power certification.
  • Tripoli and NAR certification teams available for Tripoli Mentoring Programs, NAR Jr L1, High Power L1 & L2 and Level-3 via TAP and L3CC.
  • Opportunity to be involved in hosting large, regional, and international events. URRF has become the Northeast’s premiere summer destination, and LDRS will return!
  • On-line rocketry forum to learn and reach for assistance.
  • Membership card (name badge), and a membership manual.
  • Monthly club launch weekends with no extra range fees.
  • Every launch is held under Tripoli research rules, NAR members are also welcome.
  • 18,000 foot MSL waiver with a HUGE recovery Area

Membership categories and dues:

  1. Low power “G” motor and below- Full Family $20
  2. High power “H” and up- Single (includes Low Power ) $50
    — Additional high power family member $20
  3. Maximum Per family is $100
  4. URRG Collegaiate Rocketry Program. (12 Student Memberships +1 Leader) $450 (Please Fill out One form (above) for each Member and Leader)
  5. High Power for non-member is $25/Day
  6. Low Power for non-member is $10/Day

If you join or renew after September 1st, you are good for the next season. If you’re not sure when you joined or renewed last, send us and email and we’ll let you know.